Helen works in collaboration with and is supervised by Registered Psychologists/Psychological Associates. Through supervision, Helen is able to provide various Psychological Assessments.

Personal Injury Assessments

Since 2004 Helen has been conducting Psychological Assessments for individuals following traumatic events, such as a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) or other Personal Injury Accidents such as a slip and fall or work place injury. Helen works with rehabilitation clinics, Personal Injury Lawyers, and various health care professionals in order to advocate for her clients. Helen conducts assessments for an individual’s Accident Benefits, Tort claim, as well as Catastrophic Claim. She completed the AMA Guides to Impairment Ratings Course and is Certified through the American Board of Forensic Professionals to conduct Catastrophic Impairment Rating Determination Assessments. This allows her to provide the utmost support for her clients.

Following an accident, an individual may face a number of complex issues, ranging from physical injury, chronic pain, inability to work, financial strain, relationship issues, as well as developing symptoms of depression, anxiety, fears and/or phobias. A Psychological Assessment is often recommended to determine the nature and extent of psychological injury, and to recommend treatment, if necessary. The goal of psychological treatment following an accident is to return the individual to their pre-accident functioning, as much as is possible. This may include developing coping strategies to assist a person through difficulties such as mood changes, sleep disturbance, change in appetite, as well as anxiety and panic symptoms, or supporting a return to work or retraining program.

General Assessments

Helen provides general Psychological Assessments for a variety of reasons. She is often referred clients by family doctors and/or pediatricians to provide an assessment of an individuals psychological and emotional functioning.

Helen works with a number of Immigration Lawyers who require an expert opinion to help support an individual’s placement in Canada. Helen often conducts Immigration Assessments for individuals seeking immigration into Canada.

Helen also works with various other professionals in order to provide assessments outside of her scope of practice. For example, Helen has a vast network of professional with whom she works that provide assessments such as psychiatric, psycho-educational, and neuropsychological. Because of her experience in rehabilitation, Helen is connected to an extensive network of specialists in the field of rehabilitation to whom she often refers her clients.

Third Party Reproduction Assessments

Helen conducts Third Party Reproduction Assessments. Many fertility doctors, adoption agencies, or lawyers often request psychological assessments in order to assess an individual or a couple’s readiness to undergo adoption, surrogacy, egg or sperm donation. These assessments may also be conducted for the individual acting as the surrogate, parent who is giving their child up for adoption, or the individual who will be donating their egg or sperm.


Note that all psychological assessments are conducted under supervision of a registered psychologist.